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Excalibur² Plastic IBC Tote

Patent: US 6,484,899 and 9,004,420

The lowest cost asset tank on the market delivers a superior useful-life-to-cost ratio, particularly when compared to blow molded caged IBCs.

Excalibur is a robust, 100% HDPE rotationally molded tank with more than 3 times the wall thickness of blow molded caged IBCs. Besides having a more durable container construction, Excalibur also provides longer lasting, more reliable top closures and bottom drain valve to ensure optimum long-term performance.

Dirty Caged IBC

Excalibur² Brochure

Part Number Capacity Length Width Height Fill
6570000B96002 120 Gallons 42 1/2" 42 1/2" 32 1/4" 6"
6520000B96003 250 Gallons 42 1/2" 42 1/2" 48 1/4" 6"
6510101B96002 330 Gallons 47" 47" 52 1/8" 6"


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